Rob Oliver is a motivational speaker and best-selling author. He has written two autobiographical books. The first is called “Still Walking” and the second is called “Still Falling”.

Rob knows about bullying from a professional and a personal perspective. Professionally, he has his bachelors degree in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and his Masters degree in psychology from Duquesne University.

Back in 1993, Rob learned firsthand what it means to be different and vulnerable. While body surfing on the Outer Banks, Rob broke his neck and became paralyzed from the chest down with limited use of his arms and hands. People said mean things and treated him with disrespect as a result of his disability. He had to learn that the words and thoughts of other people do not affect his personal value.

As Rob learned how to stand up for himself and not accept the labels and limitations placed on him by others, he became an increasingly strong advocate. Rob became more involved in the disability movement and realized that there are people with disabilities who do not have as strong a voice. As a leader in the disability community, Rob is determined to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves and show others how to let their voice be heard. He is a member of the PA Developmental Disability Council and the chair of the PA Statewide Independent Living Council.

In 2002, Rob’s wife, Becky, gave birth to triplets (a boy and two girls.) As they grew, Rob watched the way they interacted with each other and then the way things were happening in school. He decided to do something to empower kids to do something when they saw people behaving in a way that wasn’t right.

Rob lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and the triplets (who just turned 16 and all got their drivers permits!) He has also written an anti-bullying book for kids called “Who, Me? Yeah, You!” He is a full-time speaker, sharing a message of personal responsibility and empowerment.

Rob is also a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan and is ecstatic that they won the Super Bowl!