This Is Personal

I have been blessed with several lifelong friends. The kind of friends that go so far back that someone has embarrassing pictures of you together as little kids. Mark Taylor was that kind of friend for me. Continue reading

Charly Butcher – Fort Wayne’s Morning News

It was wonderful to be on WOWO this morning with Charly Butcher. Continue reading

Cornerstone Prep First Grade

I had an awesome experience today at Cornerstone Prep. Max, who is the star of the “Who, Me? Yeah, You!” Book, and I got a chance to do a reading of the book for the first graders. Continue reading

Wayne and Jayne Interview

I was on the Wayne and Jayne Show on EZ Rock Kootenays to look at questions parents have about bullying. Continue reading

Is It Bullying?

Bullying is one of the biggest issues we hear about these days the question is, what is bullying? Here is a simple test… Continue reading