I had an awesome experience today at Cornerstone Prep. Max, who is the star of the “Who, Me? Yeah, You!” Book, and I got a chance to do a reading of the book for the first graders.

Max did a great job with the reading and the kids really enjoyed the interactive part of the book. Every other page they all asked enthusiastically, “Who, me?” and Max told them, “Yeah, you!”

Max and I both signed a copy of the book for the class reading nook. A big thanks to Mrs. McCall for donating the book.

This was a great follow up to the “Who, Me? Yeah, You!” Assembly I presented for the entire elementary school 2 weeks ago. It was amazing to have one of the students ask me questions about Bill, one of the characters I mentioned during the presentation. His concern for an inanimate object was touching.

If you’d like a “Who, Me? Yeah, You!” Presentation or reading for your organization contact us.

It was a really cool opportunity to share the book at the school where everyone who appears in the book either attends or graduated.