“Who, Me? Yeah, You!” is the story of Bob. All Bob wants to do is play with his friends but on his way to the field he runs into Bruce, a bully. Bruce insults him and pushes him to the ground, leaving Bob hurt and sad. What happens next teaches an important lesson about how you can prevent bullying… “Who, Me? Yeah, You!”

Rob Oliver is a best selling author and award winning speaker but he is also a concerned parent. Bullying is a major concern for our kids today. Every 7 minutes a child is bullied on a playground in America and 85% of the time, nobody says or does anything to intervene. Mr. Oliver wrote this book as a reminder that even as a bystander, you can help stop bullying! “Who, Me? Yeah, You!”

“Who, Me? Yeah, You!” is available on Amazon. Rob’s other books: “Still Walking” and “Still Falling” are available through RobsBook.com.

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“Who, Me? Yeah, You!”